Pinpointing the Problem!

“I came to Dr. McGinnis after suffering for 8 months with an undiagnosed issue. Not only did he pinpoint the problem, he helped guide me back to getting healthy! Since that time he has continued to treat me. I rarely get sick and very seldom get migraines.”
Susan L.

Secrets to Success!

Carlton H.

“My family is very active and we work on staying healthy.
We go to see Dr. McGinnis monthly to get our adjustments and that is part of our families success!”

Carlton H.

A Wellness Tool

“Chiropractic and Dr. McGinnis has been a part of my life for decades. My parents both came to Dr. McGinnis for a long time. Myself and my daughter have been patients here for many years. Chiropractic has helped me through migraines, a numb but painful right arm, ear congestion, sore shoulders, upper and lower back pain. I have learned much about how my body works through chiropractic. With this knowledge and guidance I have been able to change things in my everyday life so that the same problems don’t keep occurring. For example, raising a book or computer screen up to eye level to help with neck and headache issues. I use Chiropractic as a wellness tool and come in on a monthly basis when I am not having a problem. By doing this I am able to keep the problems that stress creates in check so that I don’t have major problems later.”
Diane W.

Bill is celebrating 36 years of care! Imagine the benefits you could receive from taking care of your spine regularly just like you visit your dentist regularly!

Four Generations

Ethel W.

“Celebrating Ethel’s 35th year with us, and the four generations of her family she has helped bring under chiropractic care! We love caring for families and seeing a legacy of health being passed on.”
Ethel W.

Better Sleep

“Since coming to see Dr. McGinnis I have found that I have been sleeping better and have been able to be more active and get back to exercising. I also have become more aware of how my body feels when lifting or moving things.”
Lori W.