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Jonny Farr Avatar
Jonny F.
Dr. Sam is life changing. I’m a concrete worker and my body gets beat up pretty good. I’ve gone to over 10 chiropractors in my 14 years in the industry. I’ve never had someone like Dr. Sam break down what’s going on for me to understand and then fix it. We had to start with an aggressive treatment plan going twice a week. I’m now going once a month and never felt better.
Roseanne Boutain Avatar
Roseanne B.
What a wonderful crew!!! From the front desk to the Doctors, such compassionate , professional service I have received!! I was having difficulties with limited mobility, and pain in my back and shoulder. After signing up for a care plan that looked at every aspect of my injuries, I was able to regain function and reduce pain levels significantly.I am so thankful. HIGHLY recommended!
Beatriz Craesmeyer Avatar
Beatriz C.
They are the best! My husband and I both are so thankful for everything Dr. Mike has done for our health with The Wellness way program and chiropractor work. I also had my newborn baby get an adjustment with him. So gentle and so effective. Everyone who works there treats you SO well and they will make you leave with a smile on your face! ❤️ Highly recommend!
Tom Haanen Avatar
Tom H.
This family of chiropractors is not only skilled, up to date and encouraging of supporting modalities but they really care about each person they see. I wouldn’t go any where else.
Dave-Lisa Herbst Avatar
Dave-Lisa H.
Not only are the Irish docs knowledgeable when it comes to your health, they are extremely passionate about it.
Lisa E Avatar
Lisa E.
Dr. Sam is outstanding with his knowledge. He answers all of my questions and explains things thoroughly. I am impressed with him as well as the reception girls! Very nice group of people! I will be going on my 3rd visit to see Dr Sam as he thinks he can help me be more comfortable with a herniated disc. I’m so happy to have decided to pursue this!:)
Matthew Mayotte Avatar
Matthew M.
5 stars all the way around! The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, it's rare to find excellent customer service and a business that knows all their customers by name as soon as they walk in the door, these ladies do. Dr. Michael is outstanding, a true master of his craft. Excellent at listening to the concerns of the patient and treating with accuracy and positive results. I have also received dietary and internal wellness care from the team with excellent results. I have more energy, focus, and the foundation to be well thanks to the team at McGinnis!
Lisa Lopez Avatar
Lisa L.
I love this clinic! The ladies upfront are super sweet, friendly and helpful. Dr. Sam McGinnis is amazing, he takes his time and listens to the issues you are having. I don't ever feel rushed! Thanks much for the great experience!
Ken Fritz Avatar
Ken F.
Staff is wonderful, makes you feel right at home. Doctor is great too ,listens to you ,and very nice to talk too. I could barely walk in to the office, now I feel great ,Thank you so much.
Dolly McGinnis Avatar
Dolly M.
I always love getting adjusted by the three Doctors. All are my favorites!
J J Avatar
J J.
Expedient, thorough experiences from Dr. Sam and Dr. Mike! Not only was pain acknowledged, but they show what is weak and regularly make sure their care is improving those areas. Excellent chiropractic physicians!
James Mcconnell Avatar
James M.
I was in a lot of pain before I saw Dr. Sam. In fact, I initially thought I had injured my shoulder enough to warrant surgery, and went to see a specialist on that. I also had severe jaw pain, and was scheduled to see a TMJ Dr. My leg ached, and my feet fell asleep every time I sat for any length of time. ALL of those issues have been resolved, and it's fun working out again! Thanks, Dr. Sam!